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We have been very active with 4H youth for many years and support their activity.  One of our 4H youth, Tabitha,  raised a steer for the Gila County fair this year and unfortunately the steer did not gain enough weight to be included in the 4H auction at fair.


  The drawing took place November 15 at the Dairy Queen in Globe.  And the winner is....Clint Taylor


Update - September 2, 2021


Thank you to everyone who has checked in on us.  We were burned out of the ranch by the Telegraph Fire in the early hours of Monday June 14.  We narrowly escaped and had to leave the cattle and horses behind because there was a wall of flame between us and our rescue trailers.  Gila county ranchers we didn't even know were lined up to help get us out but there was a wall of flame between us so we were forced to leave.      

Little did we know that the fire was the "easy" part.  July 3 we flooded the first time followed by our second flood on July 4.  In the next 14 days we experienced 7 flash floods.   On August 18 we took a flood that came up about 14 feet.  Pictures and videos to come.  


The fire fighters  were so happy when they saved some of our vegetation because they thought we would not flood.  However they did not consider the burn scar that is upslope of us and how much of the eastern slope of the Pinal mountains drains through our canyon. 


The ranch is closed for tours as we are in a major mitigation project to address the flooding situation.  We expect to reopen for tours in October after monsoon season.  We are very happy to report that all beef orders are being delivered on schedule!

See ABC interview

Please consider donating to the Gila County ranchers who were not as fortunate and have lost all their grazing ground as over 250,000 acres burned.  


Beef Raffle

68 tickets sold

We delivered a check for $1,360 to the Gila County Cattle Growers Association to benefit the ranchers burned out and flooded by the Mescal/Telegraph Fires.    Accepting the check was the President of the GCCGA, Frank DalMolin. 


Thank you to Tori and John for the beef donation.  Thank you for your support.

And the winner is .....Wilma Rohrhofer of Globe AZ.  Congratulations Wilma!


Yes we have beef available


(please let us know if you want to be on the wait list)


(please let us know if you want to be on the wait list for Highland)


We would like to thank everyone for your incredible support during this pandemic.  We have been really overwhelmed with your support and interest in purchasing local beef.   The next available full Highland is Summer 2023 because we need to wait for them to grow up.   Yes, all the Highland for 2021 AND 2022 is already sold!  We can put you on a waitlist if you would like in the event that somebody changes or cancels their order.   We will have Brangus and Angus available starting January 2022.  

​The pandemic has brought record high prices at the store and for the packing plants.  Recently a cyber attack has shut down a large packing plant.  Unfortunately the rancher that raises your beef is seeing record lows.  While politicians wonder how that can happen, we are helping local ranchers who have not sold direct to customers before by promoting their grass fed and grass finished beef. 

We are thrilled to have a neighboring ranch who share our values and approach to raising grass fed beef and we are now offering a common Arizona Angus hybrid called a Brangus.  These are grass fed and grass finished humanely raised and handled beef.  We are very excited about a commitment we have from a rancher in Klondyke where we will be able to get purebred ANGUS that are pasture raised.  


Our beef is cut and wrapped by a Gila County butcher.  The harvest is done here at the ranch and whisked to the butcher shop in the brand new Gryphon Ranch mobile cooler for dry aging  at his shop for 14 days.   ​Please refer to the pricing page for prices and how to reserve your beef.  We are proud to be supplying quality meat for the wonderful people who want to buy local beef and support the Arizona ranching community.  Feeding your family locally raised beef feeds several Gila County families as well.   Please let us know what you need.  We specialize in special requests.  



Highland Cattle Humanely Raised in the Arizona Pinal Mountains

Fresh Spring Water

Natural Browsing
Grade A Alfalfa finished

Arizona Sunshine

Dry aged a minimum of 14 days like the finest steak house

Cut and wrapped to your order

Naturally lean

Mu view crop.jpg

Miracle Baby

This baby was born January 29 and he has been quite the challenge to get nursing.  Finally we got him nursing and things were great for a couple months.  Then we got some bad hay and his Mom was one of the animals that we lost but with help from some friends we were able to get another cow to adopt him.  What a miracle boy!!  Mr. Attitude but officially Romulus.   We expect he will be shown at the Gila County fair later in September - come and say HI!!

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Please consider coming to the ranch to see how your beef is raised and handled.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Gryphon Ranch LLC

PO Box 1432, Globe, AZ 85502

253 279 3291 or 253 861 7149

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