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We are going to be trimming the herd back a little bit because of the skyrocketing hay cost.   We have three heifers and two cows (possibly pregnant) that will be for sale.  Please contact us if you are interested.  They are all purebred registered animals with registration papers.

We would like to thank everyone for your incredible support during this pandemic.  We have been really overwhelmed with your support and interest in purchasing local beef.   We are currently taking a wait list for 2022 and 2023.  Yes, all the cattle for 2022 AND 2023 are already sold to our repeat customers!  We were able to expand our numbers for 2022 and 2023 to our maximum capacity and they were quickly snapped up.   




(please let us know if you want to be on the wait list for 2022 or 2023)

We can put you on a waitlist if you would like in the event that somebody changes or cancels their order because we know changes will happen when things are scheduled this far out.  We really appreciate everyone who is supporting local ranching. 

We don’t want to expand beyond the numbers we currently have because we believe the fact that my husband and I do everything at the ranch means that the cattle know us and therefore are calm around us which means the meat is better because they are not stressed.  We have our eyes on the whole herd every day and checking each animal to make sure they are okay.  No hired hand would have the same care as we take when we can daily handle the cattle personally.   We are literally a Mom and Pop operation and really want to stay that way.  

If you need beef before we can provide it, please contact Diamond Quality Beef for grass fed and finished beef or Lyman Ranches for grass finished or grain finished beef.  Lyman Ranches also has a retail outlet in Payson.  They are both wonderful direct sources where you can meet the ranchers and see how your animals are treated.   They are both larger operations so have more animals than we can provide.  We know these families personally and are confident in recommending them. 

Our butcher is brutally honest about quality because he knows we are as well.  During our harvest yesterday he told me that we are consistently producing the best grass finished beef he has ever seen.  Yesterday he told me that our beef is at the same quality as his own beef – and they grain finish.  There is a new rancher just getting into doing what we do, and we are mentoring them so they can down the learning curve faster.  We are always looking at how we can get better and we enjoy helping others.   We realize the demand for quality locally raised beef is much higher than what we can produce and our objective is to help as many ranchers as want to listen to a different way to finish and sell their beef. 

​The pandemic has brought record high prices at the store and for the packing plants.  Cyber attacks have shut down large packing plants.  Unfortunately the rancher that raises your beef is seeing record low prices.  While politicians wonder how that can happen, we are helping local ranchers who have not sold direct to customers before by promoting their grass fed and grass finished beef. We are very excited about a commitment we have from a rancher in Klondyke where we are able to get purebred ANGUS that are pasture raised.  We are delighted by the quality of this beef and they are using the same butcher as we do.   We will be providing purebred Angus starting May 2022 and they have been quickly snapped up.   Please let us know if you want to be on the wait list.  

Our beef is cut and wrapped by a Gila County butcher.  The harvest is done here at the ranch and whisked to the butcher shop in the brand new Gryphon Ranch mobile cooler for dry aging at his shop for 14 days.   ​Please refer to the pricing page for prices and how to reserve your beef.  We are proud to be supplying quality meat for the wonderful people who want to buy local beef and support the Arizona ranching community.  Feeding your family locally raised beef feeds several Gila County families as well.   Please let us know what you need.  We specialize in special requests.  

Thank you for buying locally and supporting Arizona ranching.  



Highland Cattle Humanely Raised in the Arizona Pinal Mountains

Fresh Spring Water

Natural Browsing
Grade A Alfalfa finished

Arizona Sunshine

Dry aged a minimum of 14 days like the finest steak house

Cut and wrapped to your order

Naturally lean

Mu view crop.jpg
Tropical Leaves

A Warriors Oasis

Meet Olympus.  He was quite the hit in the Globe Light parade.   We tied for first place in the mounted category.   His rider was a three-year-old who actually fell asleep while riding him in the parade.  We had lights all over Olympus and his rider.  We all had a great time. We wanted to thank all the people from Globe who have supported us through the fires and floods.  We were contacted after the parade by A Warrior's Oasis in New Mexico and they wanted to purchase Olympus for their mascot.  We would not sell him but we agreed to donate him to the cause.  We delivered him to Quemado, NM the last weekend of April. The photo on the left is one of the co-founders being charmed by the charming Olympus. Olympus will be their mascot to promote their mission and also serve as a therapy animal at the ranch.  


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Please consider coming to the ranch to see how your beef is raised and handled.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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