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Gryphon Ranch 2021 - fires and floods

Thank you to everyone who has checked in on us.  We were burned out of the ranch by the Telegraph Fire in the early hours of Monday June 14.  We narrowly escaped and had to leave the cattle and horses behind.  Gila county ranchers we didn't even know were lined up to help evacuate us and all the animals but there was a wall of flame between us so we were forced to leave.   Incident command was at the house telling us that if we didn't leave immediately we would both die there.   

See ABC interview 

Tucson 1 type 2 team - we are so grateful to them




Little did we know that the fire was the "easy" part.  July 3 we flooded the first time followed by our second flood on July 4.  In the next 14 days we experienced 7 flash floods.   On August 18 we took a flood that came up about 14 feet.  We were hit again on Christmas Eve and lost our water lines and fence lines again.


The fire fighters were so happy when they saved some of our vegetation because they thought we would not flood.  However they did not consider the burn scar that is upslope of us and how much of the eastern slope of the Pinal mountains drains through our canyon. 


The ranch closed for tours during the major mitigation project to address the flooding situation.  The contractors were here for 7 weeks putting in the protective berms and putting the wash back to its original position and not through the barn.  We continue to finish the process.  


Telegraph Fire coming our way


The final picture as we evacuated


Coming back to the ranch on

June 16, 2021


Entry to Ranch

Destroyed Fences

Apache Lake firefighter watching for flare ups

Silt inside the barn after flood 2.jpg
Debris that was a corral.jpg

Damage from first flood

Inside the barn lost hay.jpg
Building salvage.jpg
Lost hay.jpg
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